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The Story of Ninjatown

Ninjatown story scene

Ninjatown is nestled literally between a rock and a hard place. On one side, the towering, active volcano Mount Feroshi. On the other, the mysterious Dark Forest where evil of many kinds resides.

For many years, the existence of a ninja clan within the world of Shawnimals was only legend. Wee Ninjas lived quietly secluded – known only to an unlikely ally in the Moustachios – until their supply of ninja star-shaped cookies dwindled and they had to search further and further away for the rare ingredients for their secret Ninja Star Cookie recipe. It was then that a Wee Ninja was seen, harvesting Stealth Wheat – which grows only when you’re not watching – and the darkest of dark chocolate – called Night Cocoa – found deep in the maze of caverns deep beneath Mount Feroshi.

Ninjatown story scene detail

Ninjatown is similar to any small town or village, with corner stores, parks, cafes, and little ninja huts. By and large, everyone in Ninjatown is a ninja, each with a unique set of skills – some can summon fireballs, others snowballs, some arrows made from the forest, still others will mesmerize you with charts and graphs! There are only a few types of structures in Ninjatown, most built by the talented if not a bit lazy Builder Ninja: Simple ninja huts, large training dojos, and a Stealthscrapers where Business Ninjas and Ninja Consultants work. All other buildings are similar or combinations of these types.

While Wee Ninjas lead a peaceful, simple life, they prefer to be left alone so they can go about their daily ninja activities like ninjaing, napping, taking care of Baby Ninjas, snacking, and constant training with Ol’ Master Ninja so they can perfect ultra-secret moves. Some say they are the unofficial protectors of Shawnimaland at large.

Ninjatown story scene detail

Some say Wee Ninjas possess magical abilities in addition to sweet moves. Advanced Wee Ninjas can produce an ethereal glow – sort of like powering up. This glow has a hypnotic, almost euphoric effect on those nearby, as if they’ve just been hugged! Other moves include Fists of Tickle Fury, Candy Smoke Bomb, Heart Star Explosion, and many, many more. Each Wee Ninja type is said to have its own set of moves, all of which are known byOl’ Master Ninja, passed down to him by the Original Ninjas.

Ninjatown story scene detail

Mount Feroshi lies next to Ninjatown, rumbling every few hours. This makes Wee Ninjas uneasy since they believe the great Feroshi the Dino Slug has power over the volcano. He’s often seen roaming around near the top, breathing fire for fun, dropping boulders into the volcano’s mouth to see fireballs and flames shoot out! Because of this, the Wee Ninjas revere Feroshi as a kind of deity, and leave him offerings like spicy wasabi peas, cinnamon candy and other fun-to-eat heat-filled treats. The jury is still out as to whether Feroshi is, in fact, all that powerful. Mountain Ninjas also reside high in the mountains, herding Gorts, while Yeti Ninja hides away playing with his pal Rawr, scaring Ninjas that dare venture into his lair.

Ninjatown story scene detail

The Dark Forest borders the other edge of Ninjatown, where the Wee Devils come from to wreak havoc. The all-knowing Ol’ Master Ninja says the Wee Devils – and countless other horrible beings like Zombie Ninjas, Dark Syrup Blobs and poisonous clouds – are controlled by Mr. Demon the most evil being in all of Shawnimaland. The Wee Devils often try to lure Wee Ninjas into the Dark Forest with a seductively sugary syrup of unknown origin. Several Wee Ninjas have wandered into the Forest never to be seen again. Late at night you can hear moans coming from the Forest, which makes Wee Ninjas shiver in fear.

There are many more places — and characters – all over Ninjatown. Enjoy your exploration! To be continued…