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Some pessimists will tell you nothing in life is free. They are wrong, and are probably jerks. Prove them wrong by viewing, enjoying and downloading these freebies: Backgrounds for your smartphone, avatars and desktop wallpapers. All free of charge! As we create cool downloads, we’ll post ’em here. Choose from…

Phone Backgrounds

If you have one of them fancy NinjaPhones, chances are you want to class it up with some killer graphics. That’s where Ninjatown comes in. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, we offer you the backgrounds below free of charge. Enjoy!

Desktop Wallpapers

Let’s face it: Those wispy, sparse backgrounds and rolling, foresty landscapes and/or islands just aren’t doing your computer justice. If you’re talking about wallpaper, let’s talk NINJAS! We have a variety of free wallpapers for your computer right here, sized to fit most screens. Enjoy!