LONTweb-dropcapegends of Ninjatown is here! We’re so excited to share it with you through images, info and, of course, awesome products. It’s a lot to digest, but we have a feeling you’ll love it. We’ve alluded to a sort of elemental part of the world of Ninjatown for some time now, both during the 3-year run of Ninja of the Month (eg – Fröst Ninja = Snow Squad) as well as in our award-winning Nintendo DS game (eg – Lava Ninja = throws fireballs). Now we’re really digging deep with Legends of Ninjatown! What is it? View it in the shop page here, and read on…



Welcome to Legends of Ninjatown where you, as an Apprentice, can experience Ninjatown’s rich history and wondrous landscape firsthand. Be prepared for anything—good or evil—and perhaps with enough training you, too, can master the elements and become a Legend.



Some accuse the members of this Squad as being archaic and aloof, if not a little sleepy, but they totally disagree. Instead, it’s a matter of focusing on where the heart and head intersect, striving for balance and inner peace. They often know more about the other Squads than the members of the Squads themselves. And if this kind of deep contemplation induces a nap now and again, then so be it!

LONTdiety3-galaxy LONTleader3-olmaster



In a word: Passionate. About everything. Sometimes to a fault. Still, these Ninjas have a special role in the Old Ways, what with Baker and Lava Ninja respectively making and protecting  Ninjatown’s most valuable asset: The Ninja Star Cookie. These hot-heads call the network of lava canals within Mount Feroshi home, where they can hone some serious fire-power, preparing for any onslaught by the denizens of the Dark Forest.

LONTdiety1-feroshi LONTleader1-mole



These forest-dwellers are one with the natural world in mind and body. If the Dark Forest is the epitome of bad nature vibes, the Forest Squad brings peace and balance to this vast, untamed place. As guides, they provide safe passage for any traveler who dares venture forth. The Squad, like the forest itself, begets many perplexing questions and mysterious uncertainties.




These ninjas tend to be icy inside and out, and are lacking in the usual social niceties. As such, they prefer to keep to themselves, living at the highest elevations of the Feroshi Mountains, away from the daily “annoyances” of the town below. Some say any member of this Squad can single-handedly take on a Yeti Ninja! With a little help from a friendly yet fearsome Gort, that is…




These fierce and agile water-dwellers give serious props to Feroshi’s long-lost cousin Hydroshi, and never seem to get too wrung out even in the most intense situations. Bring them above water however, and they just can’t seem to find their land-legs. Still, at least we know Ninjatown’s plethora of secret waterways are secure from any liquidy Dark Forest badness.

LONTdiety5-aqua LONTleader5-eel



As each Ninja in Ninjatown grows from a Baby Ninja to a full-grown Wee Ninja, they go through a transformation literally and figuratively. Each Ninja will choose a Squad and start training accordingly. As their skill develops, they earn that Squads symbol and the color of their “robes” changes. As this color develops, a Ninja’s true path can reveal itself – sometimes as a surprise to themselves and their Squad Leader. All things considered, Legends of Ninjatown is as much about the history of Ninjatown as it is about YOU identifying with a certain Squad. Do you have a fiery personality like the Ninjas in the Fire Squad? Are you silly and playful like those in the Aqua Squad? Or in short, which Squad are you?



You may have noticed some of the Ninja of the Month releases designated as Original Ninjas. Seldom seen, they are basically Deities in the Ninjatown world, ancient and wise, and are revered as spiritual leaders. Each Squad has its own Deity, most of which are Ninjas except for Feroshi and Hydroshi, of course. They break down as such…

LONTdiety1-feroshi LONTdiety3-galaxy LONTdiety2-sprout LONTdiety4-frost LONTdiety5-aqua



Since the Deities aren’t quite present in the traditional sense, the Squads do need someone to guide them on a day-to-day basis. And while Ol’ Master Ninja is happy to help, ultimately Squad Leaders know the ins and outs of a Squads strengths and weaknesses. The Squad Leaders, all of which you may have seen before… For example, Animal Spirit Ninja is the Leader of the Forest Squad, whereas our most-recent release Polar Ninja is the Leader of the Snow Squad.

LONTleader1-mole LONTleader3-olmaster LONTleader2-animal LONTleader4-polar LONTleader5-eel



Of course, what would a Shawnimals project be without some sort of awesome goods behind it? We’re very excited about these initial Legends of Ninjatown packs, each with a pocket-sized Squad Apprentice, corresponding Squad button, and if you order the bundle you’ll also get an amazing 5-inch by 7-inch print. The front features a grouping from each Squad (and each aligns with the next so you can display them as a group), and the back shows important info on that Squad. We think you’ll love all of them, regardless of the Squad with which you feel most aligned. Collect all 5!



Think of this initial release as the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, it’s quite complex, and we can’t wait to share Legends of Ninjatown with all of you! More soon…
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