Ninjatown art in NYC!

In celebration of the official beginning of Summer, Shawnimals brings a bit of sunshine from Chicago to New York City with the Summer of Stealth, featuring the citizens of Ninjatown. Ninjas come in a lot of flavors, and this bunch is no different. Harnessing the power of juicy, Summer fruit, these happy-go-lucky ninjas are as sweet as they are stealthy. The Summer of Stealth will showcase tons of limited edition exclusive prints, drawings, paintings and especially plushes. Shawn Smith of Shawnimals will be in attendance at the opening reception so come by and show him some ninja love!

Summer of Stealth – A Ninjatown Show by Shawnimals 
Opening Reception Friday, June 20th, 2014 6 – 9pm,
 Exhibition runs through July 20th, 2014

210 Forsyth St.
NY, NY 10002
 (646) 290-6866

SoS - front low

SoS - plush gorup

SoS - back low

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Wee Devil BOGO

We could all use a little more evil in our lives! Compliment your Wee Ninja with a Wee Devil … Buy one get one FREE!

Wee Devil Plush

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Renegade this weekend!

Ah, Renegade! It’s that perfect time of year – weather permitting – to hang outside, chat with good people, and sell some awesome Shawnimals goods! We hope to see you there, where we’ll have our Baby Ninjas UNBAGGED, Legends of Ninjatown, the return of our Wee Ninja felt bookmarks, and much more! Sept 7th + 8th, 11am – 7pm both days. Booth no. 77 right next to Shawn’s new venture Resketch! The show is along Division St. between Damen and Paulina. See you there!

News - Renegade

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American Made

Think Shawnimals has what it takes to win the American Made contest from Martha Stewart? We sure do! If so, vote for us here & spread the word…

News - American Made

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NotM Low Stock!

As part of an ongoing effort to keep you informed of our rare releases getting down to the nitty-gritty, here’s the first alert: Mastermind Ninja!

NotM: Mastermind Ninja!

What’s this? Mr. Demon has somehow gained control of Ninjatown Academy?! That seems… impossible! Unless, of course, he knew someone on the inside. Someone incredibly intelligent and evil. Someone who knows the inner working of Ninjatown. But who could this be? Uh oh…

This release, like all Ninja of the Month releases, includes the following:

  • A handmade ~ 7″ x 7″ plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
  • Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
  • Fun, character-specific accessories
  • A character sticker
  • A character button

From the tag:
“We’re not sure what went to this ninja’s head first—the power or the cookies.Whatever it was, something transformed him into a criminal mastermind, determined to gain control of Ninjatown from the inside out. Thing is, who’s he really doing it for? Mr. Demon… or himself?”

Only a few left, so get this limited-edition, handmade plush while you can!

News - NotM left

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Baby Ninja pre-order!

We are very pleased to announce our newest Ninjatown project: Baby Ninjas! It’s a handmade, blind-bagged series of epic cuteness. We just know you’ll love ’em!

baby banner

Aw, sleepy Baby Ninja! You had me at ZzZzZz… This handmade mini, plush series consists of 10 Baby Ninja types, plus 1 chase. Series 1 includes: Baby Ninja, Macho Ninja, Zombie Ninja, Aqua Ninja, Business Ninja, Yeti Ninja, Pink Ninja, Undercover Ninja, Notso Wee Ninja, Animal Spirit Ninja, and, of course, the mystery chase. Each is 1/10 except for the chase which is ??/??. MORE INFO HERE.

baby single

baby checklist

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What’s your Squad?

Our newest project Legends of Ninjatown is going strong! So there’s only one thing to ask: What’s your Squad? Pick your favorite Squad – or collect all 5 – today!


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NotM: Now in stores!

That’s right! We’re very excited to let you know that select styles of our popular Ninja of the Month line are now in select stores! Where? Look no further…


Rotofugi Designer Toy Store


NotM stores

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Love Ninja is here!

NOTE: Thanks everyone for a super fun Love Ninja release! That’s all for this year, but don’t worry – look for it again in time for next Valentine’s Day in 2014.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day for you or your sweetheart! Get it exclusively from the Shawnimals online shop for $15 through February 14th!

Love Ninja!

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NotM: Ragdoll Ninja

The final Ninja of the Month not only for the 2012 series but for the 3-year-long series overall is nearly here! The adorable Ragdoll Ninja represents friendship, albeit in a grim sort of way. This handmade seated plush with a signed and numbered tag comes with a fable scroll, and more for $30 each. Read on…

News - NotM 12-12

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Legends of Ninjatown!

Our newest project Legends of Ninjatown is just about ready for it’s full reveal, so we wanted to share a bunch of awesome LoNT info and images with you. It’s a lot, but we have a strong feeling that you’ll love it. We’ve alluded to a sort of elemental part of the world of Ninjatown for some time now, both during the 3-year run of Ninja of the Month (eg – Fröst Ninja = Snow Squad) as well as in our award-winning Nintendo DS game (eg – Lava Ninja = throws fireballs). Now we’re really digging deep with Legends of Ninjatown! What is it? View it in the shop page here, or read on…

News - LoNT banner


News - LoNT symbols

We’ve been hinting at this for awhile now, with similar Ninjas being grouped together, not to mention certain Original Ninjas having leavnings toward a particular elemental discipline. Now we’re pleased to show you the full picture!The five main Squads are: Spirit, Forest, Fire, Snow and Aqua. Nearly all Ninjas released will fall under one of these five squads, depending on certain attributes and personalities. Any that don’t quite fit in are either hybrid Ninjas, not Ninjas at all, or are something else entirely. We’ll talk about that another time…


LoNT - plush group

As each Ninja in Ninjatown grows from a Baby Ninja to a full-grown Wee Ninja, they go through a transformation literally and figuratively. Each Ninja will choose a Squad and start training accordingly. As their skill develops, they earn that Squads symbol and the color of their “robes” changes. As this color develops, a Ninja’s true path can reveal itself – sometimes as a surprise to themselves and their Squad Leader. All things considered, Legends of Ninjatown is as much about the history of Ninjatown as it is about YOU identifying with a certain Squad. Do you have a fiery personality like the Ninjas in the Fire Squad? Are you silly and playful like those in the Aqua Squad? Or in short, which Squad are you?


You may have noticed some of the Ninja of the Month releases designated as Original Ninjas. Seldom seen, they are basically Deities in the Ninjatown world, ancient and wise, and are revered as spiritual leaders. Each Squad has its own Deity, most of which are Ninjas except for Feroshi and Hydroshi, of course. They break down as such…

  1. Spirit Squad >> Galaxy Ninja
  2. Forest Squad >> Sprout Ninja
  3. Fire Squad >> Feorshi the Dino Slug
  4. Snow Squad >> Fröst Ninja
  5. Aquad Squad >> Hydroshi the Sea Slug


Since the Deities aren’t quite present in the traditional sense, the Squads do need someone to guide them on a day-to-day basis. And while Ol’ Master Ninja is happy to help, ultimately Squad Leaders know the ins and outs of a Squads strengths and weaknesses. The Squad Leaders, all of which you may have seen before… For example, Animal Spirit Ninja is the Leader of the Forest Squad, whereas our most-recent release Polar Ninja is the Leader of the Snow Squad.


Of course, what would a Shawnimal project be without some sort of awesome goods behind it? We’re very excited about these Legends of Ninjatown packs, each with a pocket-sized Squad Apprentice, corresponding Squad button, and an amazing 5-inch by 7-inch print. The front features a grouping from each Squad (and each aligns with the next so you can display them as a group), and the back shows important info on that Squad. We think you’ll love all of them, regardless of the Squad with which you feel most aligned. Collect all 5! Here’s a preview of the cards…

LoNT - Spirit (front) LoNT - Spirit (back)

LoNT - Forest (front) LoNT - Forest (back)

LoNT - Fire (front) LoNT - Fire (back)

LoNT - Snow (front) LoNT - Snow (back)

LoNT - Aqua (front) LoNT - Aqua (back)

Think of this initial release as the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, it’s quite complex, and we can’t wait to share Legends of Ninjatown with all of you!

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Softer Monday details!

You’ve been waiting patiently for the real scoop on Softer Monday (the Shawnimals version of Cyber Monday). Without further ado, here’s the deal…

News - Fuzzy Friday 2012

Like Fuzzy Friday, Softer Monday is all about SAVINGS! It all starts at 10:00am CST sharp on Monday, Nov. 26th! We’ll have coupon codes available on a first come, first served basis for MONDAY ONLY. Enter them at checkout and see if you got here in time…

5 x 40% off coupons ( SOFT1240 )
10 x 30% off coupons ( SOFT1230 )
15 x 20% off coupons ( SOFT1220 )
∞ x 10% off coupons ( SOFT1210 )

AUTOMATIC! Spend $30 or more combined of any merchandise after-discount and get a FREE set of Wee Ninja vinyl stickers – that’s 5 FREE stickers!

Please note: No cash value. No rainchecks. What’s in stock is in stock. Coupons CANNOT be combined with any other offer or products that are already discounted, and are valid only on a first use basis. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Sorry!

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Santa Ninja?!

Ok, so not really but this special edition Pocket Ninja is sporting a rad, little winter cap similar to that worn by the um… real… North Pole-dwelling Santa Claus. Get it now in our shop for $12.99 for the remainder of the year!

News - Holiday Pocket Ninja

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Happening right at 6pm Wednesday November 7th! Check it out here, for one week from today…

Featured - Fab 2

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Polar Ninja revealed!

It’s cold out there! Well, at least here in Chicago. And with that cold comes thoughts of polar expeditions, and other snowy things. Enter: Polar Ninja! He’s pretty amazing, if not a little weird.More info in our shop…

Look for it on Wednesday Nov 5th at 1pm Central!

News - Polar Ninja revealed!

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Legends of Ninjatown

This post is about two important things: First, and maybe most important, we have decided to end Ninja of the Month after this year. You’ll see a November and December release, but that will be it for the series. We thank you all for your support over the last three years, and really couldn’t have done it without your constant, awesome participation and faith in the thing we all love so much: Ninjatown!

However, it’s hardly a sad thing! Why? Because we have something amazing to take its place. Granted, this new series won’t be a subscription-based thing, nor will it be a monthly new release, BUT it will be every bit as awesome (and actually more, if we may say so) as Ninja of the Month. So, what is it? Legends of Ninjatown! It’s pretty amazing, and we are SUPER excited to share the full details, but for now, we give you this…

News - Legends of Ninjatown

We’d love to hear what you think, and, of course, your usual awesome guesses… 😀

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