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Our newest project Legends of Ninjatown is just about ready for it’s full reveal, so we wanted to share a bunch of awesome LoNT info and images with you. It’s a lot, but we have a strong feeling that you’ll love it. We’ve alluded to a sort of elemental part of the world of Ninjatown for some time now, both during the 3-year run of Ninja of the Month (eg – Fröst Ninja = Snow Squad) as well as in our award-winning Nintendo DS game (eg – Lava Ninja = throws fireballs). Now we’re really digging deep with Legends of Ninjatown! What is it? View it in the shop page here, or read on…

News - LoNT banner


News - LoNT symbols

We’ve been hinting at this for awhile now, with similar Ninjas being grouped together, not to mention certain Original Ninjas having leavnings toward a particular elemental discipline. Now we’re pleased to show you the full picture!The five main Squads are: Spirit, Forest, Fire, Snow and Aqua. Nearly all Ninjas released will fall under one of these five squads, depending on certain attributes and personalities. Any that don’t quite fit in are either hybrid Ninjas, not Ninjas at all, or are something else entirely. We’ll talk about that another time…


LoNT - plush group

As each Ninja in Ninjatown grows from a Baby Ninja to a full-grown Wee Ninja, they go through a transformation literally and figuratively. Each Ninja will choose a Squad and start training accordingly. As their skill develops, they earn that Squads symbol and the color of their “robes” changes. As this color develops, a Ninja’s true path can reveal itself – sometimes as a surprise to themselves and their Squad Leader. All things considered, Legends of Ninjatown is as much about the history of Ninjatown as it is about YOU identifying with a certain Squad. Do you have a fiery personality like the Ninjas in the Fire Squad? Are you silly and playful like those in the Aqua Squad? Or in short, which Squad are you?


You may have noticed some of the Ninja of the Month releases designated as Original Ninjas. Seldom seen, they are basically Deities in the Ninjatown world, ancient and wise, and are revered as spiritual leaders. Each Squad has its own Deity, most of which are Ninjas except for Feroshi and Hydroshi, of course. They break down as such…

  1. Spirit Squad >> Galaxy Ninja
  2. Forest Squad >> Sprout Ninja
  3. Fire Squad >> Feorshi the Dino Slug
  4. Snow Squad >> Fröst Ninja
  5. Aquad Squad >> Hydroshi the Sea Slug


Since the Deities aren’t quite present in the traditional sense, the Squads do need someone to guide them on a day-to-day basis. And while Ol’ Master Ninja is happy to help, ultimately Squad Leaders know the ins and outs of a Squads strengths and weaknesses. The Squad Leaders, all of which you may have seen before… For example, Animal Spirit Ninja is the Leader of the Forest Squad, whereas our most-recent release Polar Ninja is the Leader of the Snow Squad.


Of course, what would a Shawnimal project be without some sort of awesome goods behind it? We’re very excited about these Legends of Ninjatown packs, each with a pocket-sized Squad Apprentice, corresponding Squad button, and an amazing 5-inch by 7-inch print. The front features a grouping from each Squad (and each aligns with the next so you can display them as a group), and the back shows important info on that Squad. We think you’ll love all of them, regardless of the Squad with which you feel most aligned. Collect all 5! Here’s a preview of the cards…

LoNT - Spirit (front) LoNT - Spirit (back)

LoNT - Forest (front) LoNT - Forest (back)

LoNT - Fire (front) LoNT - Fire (back)

LoNT - Snow (front) LoNT - Snow (back)

LoNT - Aqua (front) LoNT - Aqua (back)

Think of this initial release as the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, it’s quite complex, and we can’t wait to share Legends of Ninjatown with all of you!

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