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Legends of Ninjatown ©

This post is about two important things: First, and maybe most important, we have decided to end Ninja of the Month after this year. You’ll see a November and December release, but that will be it for the series. We thank you all for your support over the last three years, and really couldn’t have done it without your constant, awesome participation and faith in the thing we all love so much: Ninjatown!

However, it’s hardly a sad thing! Why? Because we have something amazing to take its place. Granted, this new series won’t be a subscription-based thing, nor will it be a monthly new release, BUT it will be every bit as awesome (and actually more, if we may say so) as Ninja of the Month. So, what is it? Legends of Ninjatown! It’s pretty amazing, and we are SUPER excited to share the full details, but for now, we give you this…

News - Legends of Ninjatown

We’d love to hear what you think, and, of course, your usual awesome guesses… 😀

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