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Remmy and Summer Ninja! ©

We have double the ninja trouble today in the form of the latest Ninja of the Month Summer Ninja, as well as a special release inspired by our favorite dog and mascot Remmy! Both are available at 1:00pm Wednesday May 5th (today!).

We may be rushing the season a bit, but we’re sick of this cold, rainy weather in Chicago! Bring in the good stuff already! Our handmade Summer Ninja is right around the corner to help usher in the warmer times. A sunny disposition helps this ninja stay positive and friendly, except when danger is nearby. Then all bets are off, like a Summer thunderstorm rolling across the Midwest equipped with Popsicle-chucks! Details here…

The story of the recent attack on our sweet dog Remmy is as heart-wrenching as it is epic. The short version is: She was attacked by two off-leash dogs that escaped from a yard. So viciously, in fact, that she almost died from the subsequent infection. Three skin graft surgeries, 20+ bandage changes, and much more, she’s finally, hopefully nearing the end of her recovery.

Our bills are huge, and the community has really stepped up, so we want to not only make sure Remmy heals completely, we’d also like to give back. We’re starting with our local dog park that has yet to be built. Logan Square Dog Park on the northwest side of Chicago needs to raise money to meet a matching grant, and every little bit helps. Hence, Remmy Ninja!

We already know Remmy has ninja skills (duh…) so it only made sense to create this ninja version of our lovable pup. This handmade plush is $20 each, and we’re donating 25% of each sale to the dog park. The rest will go toward creating the plush, of course, as well as to Remmy’s care. More info here…

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