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NotM: Zombie Ninja ©

We think this means he’s simply inquisitive, but then again we’ve heard stories about these zombie things. Ok, for real: We’re following up our NYCC exclusive with this Ninja of the Month release, just in time for Halloween! Chunky? It’s not what you think. And the eyes on this one are perhaps the creepiest of all Shawnimals ever as well. Read on…

From the tag:
“Something evil and stumbly emerges from the Dark Forest! Something the Wee Ninjas have nicknamed Ol’ Chunky. We can’t help but feel a little bad for this Zombie, and his endearing lack of basic motor skills. Look how he keeps bumping into that tree! Aw, so clumsy and cute…”

“Errrrr… Sooooo forgetfullll…”

When you order this $30 product you get

  • A handmade ~ 7″ x 7″ plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
  • Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
  • Special features – Exposed brain bit and super creepy eyes!
  • A character sticker
  • A character button

Fine folks can also purchase more Ninja of the Month merchandise like stickers, buttons, a poster, etc here:

They can also see more about this NotM release at

Note: Zombie Ninja is part of the Shawnimals Handmade line of plush. For ages 6 and up. Decorative use only.
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